Methadone Guest Dosing Options

If you’re visiting the Buford, Douglasville, Savannah, Macon or Warner Robins area and want to participate in guest dosing services, we’ll need your home clinic to provide the information below as well as formalizing your plans via phone or fax.

Patients’ home clinic must fax a signed copy of guest dosing request form including the signature of the Medical Doctor or verbal order from Medical Doctor allowing the patient to guest dose at HealthQwest. A HealthQwest nurse must be able to call patients home clinic to confirm dose level and schedule.

Full name, social security number, driver’s license/ID card state and number, date of birth, dose level/medical status, phase level, and dosing schedule. Print and fax the completed required forms linked below.

  • Buford (678) 765-8163
  • Douglasville (770) 693-0829
  • Macon (478) 330-7167
  • Savannah (912) 655-8716
  • Warner Robins (478) 225-9861

Required Forms

Fee Schedule for Guest-Dosing

  • Photographic Consent for Guest-Dosing (signed by Patient and Counselor)
  • Initial (one time) guest dosing admission fee is $25.00 plus daily dosing fee of $13.00.
  • Each day thereafter is charged as a daily dosing fee.
  • Guest Dosers should arrive early to ensure that the appropriate paperwork is completed.

Savannah Location Fee: Intake fee $0